Vogue Essentials: Lingerie

Vogue Essentials: Lingerie

Octopus Books
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'Lingerie is what comes nearest to a woman's heart and naturally it gives her more real and intimate satisfaction than any other part of her wardrobe.' Vogue, 1918

Images of lingerie have been showcased in British Vogue since its launch in 1916. They demonstrate more than just changing fashion; they serve as a commentary on ideas of propriety, the progress of female emancipation and technological advancements as well as ever-changing ideals of the female silhouette and concepts of beauty.

Divided into categories of Action, Pretty, Curvy and Boudoir, Vogue Essentials: Lingerie explores the evolution of lingerie over the 100 years of Vogue's history, commenting on changing fashions, influence on popular culture, the psychology of lingerie and its role as a liberator, accompanied by more than 100 images from the British Vogue archive.

Published simultaneously with Vogue Essentials: Heels. This irresistible series from Conran Octopus and British Vogue explores the key pieces in a stylish woman's wardrobe and features photographs from Vogue's peerless archive of more than a million pictures.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN -13: 9781840917680
Dimensions: 160 pages,
Size: 8.62 X 6.62 X 0.75 in
Published: April 2, 2019
Publisher: Octopus Books 
Language: English