SAFIRE Lighter
SAFIRE Lighter
SAFIRE Lighter
SAFIRE Lighter
SAFIRE Lighter

SAFIRE Lighter

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  • Refillable with standard butane cans
  • Adjustable windproof flame
  • Torch flame
  • 35cm long
  • Awesome, gift-worthy packaging
  • Built to last
  • Comes pre-filled with butane
  • Child safety mechanism
  • Made out of 304 brushed Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for everything from candles, incense, wood fires, cigars and BBQs
  • Utility (BBQ) style lighter

For the person who already has everything. For candle lover. For the incense lover. For the cigar lover. For anyone who never wants to buy a lighter again. A luxurious stainless steel lighter built to last. Designed in Montreal.

Please note:  This lighter comes pre-filled. 

Always use high quality universal butane gas to refill this lighter.   

Filling Instructions   

  • Step 1:  Before filling the lighter, it is important to purge any remaining gas or air inside the fuel reservoir.  To do so, use a small screwdriver or thin pen to press on the filling valve found at the bottom of  the lighter in the middle of the black intensity setting dial. When you press on the filling valve, you  will hear the escaping gas until it is completely empty. 
  • Step 2:  Turn the flame intensity dial to the minimum. To do so, turn the intensity dial found at the bottom  of the lighter all the way clockwise ( - ). 
  • Step 3:  Follow the instructions included with the universal gas butane container.  Point the filling valve on the lighter upwards, and press the nozzle of the filling container into the  lighter valve. Press the container down and hold there for 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • Step 4:  Let the lighter cool down for approximately 15 minutes until it reaches room temperature. The fuel  refills cold and will expand with time as it reaches room temperature. 
  • Step 5:  Turn the intensity dial to halfway counter clockwise ( + ) so that the flame intensity will be at medium. The SAFIRE lighter is now ready to use.     
Ignition Instructions    
  • 1. ​Press downwards on the child safety button with your index finger. 
  • 2. ​Push upwards on the ignition switch with your thumb.